A Very Nice Gift

A super nice surprise came my way today and I'd like to pass it on. Faerwillow  left this gift...Pretty thoughtful don't you think.

There are 3 simple steps for the recipient to honor

1 Thank the one who sent it your way
2 Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy, and experience using 5 words
3 Pass it on to 5 others whose blogs you feel have real substance

Dear Faerwillow whose astute insights, and the stunning photo journals of her enchanting family trips keep me sighing and dreaming about Cali. Thank you so much for including me with the two talented artists...honored.

Five words to sum up my motivation?!  I'm not a wordy blogger, but selecting only 5 words is a challenge? Aesthetic  Rebirth  Felicity  Maintain Relevance  Inspire 

And finally, let me make it clear that narrowing the selection down to 5 was a pretty difficult task. Here are todays choices:
1 This super talent is sort of dark, sort of sweet, immensely addictive. I imagine that her studio smells like fresh cut grass, lemons and sweet clean babies:  artandghosts
2 Lynette unfolds the stories of  her life like the petals of an intricate bud. She's lived a juicy life and is constantly surprising me. She is a generous soul.
3 This blog provides a bit of mystery and a whole lot of talent and I am drawn to it like a bee to clover:   harem6
4 Anita is energy incarnate and I visit her because I wish I spoke French. And while visiting I feel romantic and indulgent, and she fills my eyes with the most amazing images and I would love it if she were my neighbor.
5 The dolls created here at Evelyn's Wonderland could have strolled the Carnivale of Venice, lost their minds after a cruel affair with a 19th century artist, cast spells on primitive politicians or danced at the Moulin Rouge.

I hope they bring you inspiration and joy and fill your homes with art!


You know how you feel when you're completely relaxed. There is just a touch of a breeze, the temperature is just warm enough that you're not distracted with the thought of getting a sweatshirt. The air smells fresh, no heavy perfumes, just clean. At that moment you drift off to your daydreams. 

Wherever those dreams take me, the images here remind me of that place. The soft edges, the cloudy colors.  

I am so easily transported to this place. I can hear  the soft lapping of the water against the shore.

I love combing the sand for these shiney broken seashells. I have jars of these lovely imperfect treasures. They are like stray kittens. Or the underdog team. I'm so drawn to them.


I Need You

Enough said. This piece leaves me breathless....ah

made in Beirut by designers, Maria Hibri and Hoda Baroudi


A Title and a Story

She's framed and jeweled and ready to list. I found a pretty cool coral shaped pendant to use with this one. But the inspiration dies there. I can't find a name for or invent a story for her. The photos I took are not the best quality either and I really wanted to list her today...


Practical Magic Invitation

Girls, sorceresses, enchantresses!! We have been invited to collaborate with a bounty of beautiful ladies in what is to be the first annual Practical Magic Blog Party. The link to the post and the formal invitation are to the left of this post. 

Justina of La Boheme Magique and Anna of Frosted Petunias are our hosts. Get inspired by the book or the movie, but oh, it's so inspiring! 

See you there!

"And I don't want them dancing naked under the full moon!"
"No, of course. The nudity is entirely optional, as you well remember!"


The Beckoning of Lovely

I just found this little movie on the blog of A Little Deer. You can find the original on You Tube. Amy made something lovely. People listened and got involved and trusted and played. I wanted to make certain you all had the opportunity to see this too. Send "Something Lovely" to Amy Krause Rosenthal at whoisamy.wordpress.com  :)


Frida Kahlo

Discoveries: Frida Kahlo: Painting Her Own Reality (Discoveries (Abrams))

A friend of mine mentioned that it is Frida Kahlo's birthday. I would like to post a quick homage in her honor. So much that Frida brought to the art world inspires so many of us. Her elaborate costumes and pride of heritage. Her wicked realism/surrealism (depending who you talked to. Some say she painted the most honest and basic form of realism), non-egotistical portayal of herself. I understand she had a dark sense of humor and this I like most, she treated children as her equals. What a cool woman. 


The Garden, The Paintings, The Dog

We don't like when weekends start out rough. It began like this... somehow our little IG wiped out on the back stairs when she was playing with my daughter and her friends. No one actually witnessed it, they only heard her shrieking and crying. (Emily has a tendency toward the dramatic.) Her rear paw was in pain because she wasn't using it at all.

We spent a majority of the evening at the emergency animal care center and Emily milked every pitiful moment like a wee damsel in distress.

After x-rays and thorough examinations the doctor finds nothing... The trouble is, it is three days after her accident and the poor pup is still not using her paw. We're going to wait a few days, but if x-rays showed nothing, what could the trouble be?

                                                                                                 poor, poor pitiful me  

The weekend was gorgeous. We enjoyed the garden, and family, good food and spectacular fireworks.

And we come to Monday. It's my daughter's first official day at work. (I don't know how I feel about that. Last year driver's ed, this year a part-time job, next year graduation. Another year closer to independence.)

I have the afternoon to myself so I work on some new ideas.

I love these summer afternoons so much. Never ending summer afternoons. 


Announcing the Winners

I have two winners to announce this afternoon. This lovely breezy summer afternoon. So let's begin today's post with the announcement.

The first winner is romantic Cielo from the House in the Roses

Winner number two the super cute Alicia from The Doll and the Pea.
Shoot me an email with your addresses and your choice of Woodwings. I will send them as soon as I get your responses!