You know how you feel when you're completely relaxed. There is just a touch of a breeze, the temperature is just warm enough that you're not distracted with the thought of getting a sweatshirt. The air smells fresh, no heavy perfumes, just clean. At that moment you drift off to your daydreams. 

Wherever those dreams take me, the images here remind me of that place. The soft edges, the cloudy colors.  

I am so easily transported to this place. I can hear  the soft lapping of the water against the shore.

I love combing the sand for these shiney broken seashells. I have jars of these lovely imperfect treasures. They are like stray kittens. Or the underdog team. I'm so drawn to them.


  1. Your daydreams sound so lovely... I'm a sea glass collector... and whatever pretty shells & rocks happen to catch my attention... ^-^
    I love the beach, the ocean, the sand... the gulls & sand pipers... the wind & the salty smell... always calling me back, calling me home.

  2. This is a beautiful post, Elizabeth...so tranquil! I'm a daydreamer myself, and what better place to dream than at shore's edge, with the sounds of waves lapping around your feet, and tiny treasures waiting to be picked up. Such a lovely respite this visit was..thank you for that.

    I want to thank you, too, for your lovely comments on my travel blog. Not sure if I can keep up two blogs..one is hard enough when one works full time, but I am enjoying my new blog friends...

    I'll visit again soon...


  3. ~there is nothing quite like spending time at the beach...you have transported me to a place that holds and brings forth memories...i can spend hours sifting through the sand looking for tiny treasures...a sweetly serene post...there is something waiting for you on my blog...when you have a moment sneak over and take a peek...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. Love this last picture! Been out beach combing a lot lately. Haven't found any too amazing shells, but lots of water washed miniature glass bottles.

    Happy weekend!