Practical Magic Invitation

Girls, sorceresses, enchantresses!! We have been invited to collaborate with a bounty of beautiful ladies in what is to be the first annual Practical Magic Blog Party. The link to the post and the formal invitation are to the left of this post. 

Justina of La Boheme Magique and Anna of Frosted Petunias are our hosts. Get inspired by the book or the movie, but oh, it's so inspiring! 

See you there!

"And I don't want them dancing naked under the full moon!"
"No, of course. The nudity is entirely optional, as you well remember!"


  1. I'm so happy you will be joining us !! :-D

  2. Omg... There's a book??? How did I not know this??? @_@
    I'm going to go find it as soon as the book store is open... This is one of my favorite movies... I can't wait! =D

  3. Isn't this a grand idea, indeed, Elizabeth? I'm definitely going to play along! And I've just watched the little film you posted below..what a treat that was..makes one's heart swell with pride at how open and generous people can be.

    I did come by to thank you for your kind comments on my writing post. You have such a lovely way with words yourself..I am always comforted by your visit. Thanks for being you...