The Garden, The Paintings, The Dog

We don't like when weekends start out rough. It began like this... somehow our little IG wiped out on the back stairs when she was playing with my daughter and her friends. No one actually witnessed it, they only heard her shrieking and crying. (Emily has a tendency toward the dramatic.) Her rear paw was in pain because she wasn't using it at all.

We spent a majority of the evening at the emergency animal care center and Emily milked every pitiful moment like a wee damsel in distress.

After x-rays and thorough examinations the doctor finds nothing... The trouble is, it is three days after her accident and the poor pup is still not using her paw. We're going to wait a few days, but if x-rays showed nothing, what could the trouble be?

                                                                                                 poor, poor pitiful me  

The weekend was gorgeous. We enjoyed the garden, and family, good food and spectacular fireworks.

And we come to Monday. It's my daughter's first official day at work. (I don't know how I feel about that. Last year driver's ed, this year a part-time job, next year graduation. Another year closer to independence.)

I have the afternoon to myself so I work on some new ideas.

I love these summer afternoons so much. Never ending summer afternoons. 


  1. Your poor pup's paw might be bruised & tender, and and x-ray wouldn't be able to show this (they have an almost impossible time showing details of soft tissue). Let her nurse her sore paw for a few more days, but if in a couple of days she's still not walking on it, perhaps there's something more to it. Here's to hoping she feels better soon! ^-^

    Your flowers are just beautiful! =D

    Good luck to your daughter with her first job! May she have a good experience. ^-^

  2. So cute! I love the inclusion of animals in your work...so sweet :)

    Can't wait to see them finished!

  3. Poor Emily! That photo captures the true Italian Greyhound personality. She looks pitiful and sad. I love the IG dramatic tendencies - they have so much personality!

    Beautiful photos of your garden! They make me what to take a blanket and a book out there and spend an afternoon relaxing and enjoying nature.

    I love the two new paintings you are working on. Especially the last one with the girl embracing the deer!! I can't wait to see them once they are done!

  4. ~i am so sorry to hear of your pup...sending healing wishes for the sweet little one...as for your daughter...wishing her a wonderful first day...seems as if she is quite the responsible driven one...the years go by so quickly! your sketch...adorable already...can't wait to see her in color! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  5. So sorry to hear about your sweet furry baby. My little boy likes to jump around everywhere...one time he started wincing and favoring his rear leg. I took him to the vet, and they could find nothing wrong with him. Gave him some pain medications and within 1 1/2 weeks, he was feeling much better. Hopefully, your Emily will as well. I LOVE your new works in progress - can't wait to see them finished. Theresa

  6. Thank you everyone for your stories- I worry a little bit less about Emily now.

  7. Oh, Elizabeth...you can't know how much the message you left on my blog meant to me. After a difficult, dispiriting day, it was balm to my soul reading your kind words..and realizing that there are, indeed, friends in blogland who do understand. Such a lovely thing to say...I'm truly touched.

    Meeghan is my little rescue dog who wasn't predicted to live more than a few months as a pup, so I know to cherish every moment with her. I hope your sweet little Emily feels better soon..I suspect she's very much enjoying the attention!

    I'm glad you liked the Samuel Johnson quote. Simple kindness is so often undervalued, yet is especially necessary in a situation where differences threaten to separate people. Please wish your daughter well at the new job. The years go by so quickly, don't they?

    Love your beautiful flowers...


  8. Hi!! thank you so much for the print, it's just lovely!!