The Beckoning of Lovely

I just found this little movie on the blog of A Little Deer. You can find the original on You Tube. Amy made something lovely. People listened and got involved and trusted and played. I wanted to make certain you all had the opportunity to see this too. Send "Something Lovely" to Amy Krause Rosenthal at whoisamy.wordpress.com  :)


  1. Hey!
    You may remember me from participating in Vanessa's Mad Tea Party last month.... I am writing to you because I have a very special treat for you! I have decided to team up with blogger Anna (Frosted Petunias) on a very special project. We are hosting a blog party together to pay tribute to our favorite movie PRACTICAL MAGIC ! We have gauged a lot of interest when we both coincidentally did posts within 1 day of each other, dedicated to that movie. So we figured a blog party was in order! So if you are interested... put on your witchy hat, grab your broom stick, start stirring your cauldron of ideas , and COME JOIN US !

    Please follow this link for complete information on how to get involved:


    La Boheme Magique

  2. Love this! Have you read her book Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life? It is one of my favorites!