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What a party!
                                 Leeroy Out Loud! by Rae Huestits

I've never really been a part of something like this virtual party hosted by Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist. I'm still pretty green behind the ears when it comes to posting and engaging audiences, linking, loading and chatting up. But I have to say I love it! What an experience this weekend was. I still find myself going back to some of the tea parties I may have missed. Fun Fun Fun!!!

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Mad Tea Party Adventureland!

Three young party goers arrive in the garden, expectant and dreamy-eyed. They received an invitation to a tea party and arrive just in time, which concerns the young ones because every party goer knows that the fashionable never arrive to a party on time or, don't even think it...early!

 "Are you sure this is the day."
"Yes, one hundred percent."
"Did you see any one else or are we the first to arrive?"
"Oh, I hope we're not the first..."
"I'm pretty sure I saw the peculiar cat up in the trees over there."

The cat that was at one moment sitting on a branch across the wood appeared at the tree immediately across from our party goers, at once startling and embarrassing the girls.

Excusez-moi. I can hear you I am standing right here.

Sincere apologies. Have you you seen our host yet? Has he made his appearance? Do you know when he is scheduled to arrive? Have we come too early? Have we arrived too late?  

The cat dissolved until the chattering stopped and the party goers thought they were alone again. So they moved closer to the glow of the lighted trees, trying to make themselves appear at ease among the pansies and poppies, peonies and primrose. 

"Lovely, not a soul in sight..." 
Murmured one party goer as she pouted so lovely the White Hare could not hide in the brush any longer and cheerily pounced into the poppy field to the part goers delight!

You Are Late!

The hare declared in her accusatory and nervous tone. Not at all as gracious as the young party goers have come to expect of their hosts and hostesses.

How is it possible that we are late if there is no one here?

No one here? 
(appeared the cat from no where)

Oh dear we must prepare for Alice is near. Places everyone. Places! 

The White Hare danced around creating more confusion than order.

A rumbling sound was heard from under foot. An earth shrinking movement from the same surface of the moss covered ground. 
Excitement filled the atmosphere as the air filled with the scent of joyful youth and anticipation. 

Hopeful guests pictured Alice drinking and growing and eating and un-growing and tumbling and arriving at the table to feast!
A thunderous sound of disappointment filled the field as in unison the group voiced their disappointment as the queen arrived with a royal display. 

Characters on horseback carried in her unnecessary accessories to the afternoon soire. The Queen of Hearts carried with her the strong scent of roses and although her demeanor is not as awful as once we read of, the air did carry a bit of a chill.

Tea was poured and crumpets and cake passed from hand to hand and an afternoon of delightful conversation was spent among the lighted trees and scented woods.

When smash, dab,  out of nowhere plunked the darling of the day.

Oh dear, I fear I may have landed on a hookah!

She was the life the the party the dear girl!

Anyone in the mood for a game of volleyball? Croquet is so last year.

And so the party commenced and continued until the fireflies joined in and the hoot owls reminded the guests of the lateness of the evening. 
And the party goers agreed that this was worth the wait and no one could tell them that they went to the best party of all because the party goers knew that this mad and wonderful tea party was  the event that could not be captured in print or in pictures. Memory alone could contain the splendor of this day.

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Simple as that. Become a follower and leave a comment listing our favorite character from the story above. In one short week, that is next Saturday, I will announce the winner.

Love to all.



Listen to the sound of that word. Cake. I was listening to public radio on the way home from work, as I always do when alone in the car and the commentary was about cake. And I thought what a wonderful sounding word cake is. I don't mean just the images it conjures up or the cravings that may gnaw at you after hearing a commentary about cake. I just love the masculine, direct sound of the word. Nothing flouncy. Cake.

I realize that I prefer my cake that way too. Simple, understated, undecorated. Don't get me wrong...I have loved strawberry shortcake with freshly whipped cream, and the most lovely of all cakes, a raspberry charlotte from Ambrosia, a small French bakery in Barrington IL which we order for the most special of birthdays in our family circle. Ambrosia sends home each work of art decorated with orchids. A fanciful and delicious treat. Or the pear torte that refreshes us after a day at the beach, with a fresh fruit whipped frosting so fragrant you would swear you were swimming in nectar. I've loved them all.

But a nice simple cake is like an honest, strong man. I just can't turn away from him....

uh, it. I can't turn away from it.


Book Fair-eys!

Today was our annual trek to the Little City Book Fair at the Old Orchard shopping mall in Skokie, IL. Nina and I could barely contain our excitement, dorks that we are. But in our defense, we met up with some of our friends, very cool people, that filled their shopping carts just as high as ours.