Listen to the sound of that word. Cake. I was listening to public radio on the way home from work, as I always do when alone in the car and the commentary was about cake. And I thought what a wonderful sounding word cake is. I don't mean just the images it conjures up or the cravings that may gnaw at you after hearing a commentary about cake. I just love the masculine, direct sound of the word. Nothing flouncy. Cake.

I realize that I prefer my cake that way too. Simple, understated, undecorated. Don't get me wrong...I have loved strawberry shortcake with freshly whipped cream, and the most lovely of all cakes, a raspberry charlotte from Ambrosia, a small French bakery in Barrington IL which we order for the most special of birthdays in our family circle. Ambrosia sends home each work of art decorated with orchids. A fanciful and delicious treat. Or the pear torte that refreshes us after a day at the beach, with a fresh fruit whipped frosting so fragrant you would swear you were swimming in nectar. I've loved them all.

But a nice simple cake is like an honest, strong man. I just can't turn away from him....

uh, it. I can't turn away from it.


  1. Hello Elizabeth:

    This post made me smile! I too like simple, honest cake and simple, honest men. Well said...and one can't go wrong with a picture of George Clooney.

    I would also like to thank you for the lovely comments on my blog...your observations on Angel's sweet face were very touching. It is good to meet you, also, and I'll see you on Saturday for the Mad Tea Party!


  2. oh I am missing some tea??
    are you on your way????

    Hope to see you at the lovely teaparty today~~~

    Kay Ellen

  3. LOL! Who needs tea when you can have nice young men, oops! I mean delicious cake! ;-)

    Please join me for a mad bit of tea. I have a cute young man, a couple of cute kids, and a dog at my tea AND Johnny Depp. You can't possibly pass that up, can you??? ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  4. http://redwoodcoastcreativearts.typepad.com/

    What a splendid, lovely tea!
    When you have the time come and visit me,
    for more treats and sweets and friends galore,
    although we are quite full we shall have some more.
    It is a MAD tea after all.
    We shall dance barefoot in the flower beds and have a ball!