Double Giveaway Freebie

Christmas spirit got the best of me, and so I missed last Friday's announcement but, I managed to get the calendar out to numero quattro, Lauren of shootingstarsmag, winner and blogger.

Yep, I'm one of the naughty. Rather forgetful and disorganized I'll admit it. So, creative friends.....I know that your much like me and this calendar could probably give you a bit of a hand.

2 calendars to the two randomly selected who respond to the question below.

Pssh what's two? I'm stepping it up and giving away 3 calendars this week and all comments from the month of December will  be placed in the magic hat to select the big winner of the Woodwings necklace on January 1st 2012.

As mentioned above, I'm not so spiffy with planning and executing in a timely fashion. I'm remarkably informal. Okay okay non-conformist, just like you. You don't wear a watch right? Neither do I. And you have a stash of blank cards for all those sorry I'm late for your birthday moments, me too.

This calendar is postcard size. You know what that means don't you. You will circle the events in crayon the minute the calendar appears in your mailbox. Then when the birthday, anniversary, valentines days arrives you just stick a little stamp on the back write a sweet message and boom! You've made someone happy! On time!

Tell me now: For the event of the upcoming year are you planning on wearing your favorite jeans and boots, your most glamorous threads and Louboutins, details please. Descriptive details. And, if you're not already a friend then follow :D, tell your friends and like Woodwings on Facebook.

See you in a week!


Calendar Giveaway Week 2

I have always had a lapse in my brain for time and dates, birthdays, years. I've tried through the years to devise a system that would make me "remember" to give others the illusion of my superior organization. To this date I cannot remember my age, having to do math whenever asked. I think I remembered clearly how old I was two times in my life, when I turned 16 and 21.

So here I am selling you my calendar. It's pretty laughable isn't it. I thought that having the 12 pages of the calendar on postcard weight and size paper would be terrific though because  now you have many uses for this little piece of art. You and your best friends for example have become the cliche busy girls and better than scheduling the date you plan to have drinks on an iPad would be to shoot her the January page with your free Saturday circled in red crayon. Write a message on the blank side, add her addres and a stamp and what a surprise. She won't beg "busy" with an invitation like that!

I will never ever dogear my precious books, but I can never find a bookmark when I need one and will use an old receipt or rip off a piece of grocery bag...whatever paper is nearby but a used month of this calendar would be spot on! Easier to find the page I was on and much kinder to the book I'm reading.

So friends, to win a free calendar this week the question I have for you is,

"Which day of which month is so important to you that you would use up a calendar page to send a postcard reminder to yourself or a loved one this coming year or which day of which month do you want to make magical for someone special in your neck of the woods."

(For those not yet privey on the giveaway, it's the little calendar on the right of this post, you can click the button to see more images if you wish)

The best part of these giveaways is this- if you tried last week you should try again this week because I will tally up every friend that comments until the end of December and giveaway a piece of Woodwings jewelry.

If you are a newbie, please follow me and "like" Woodwings on FACEBOOK it would mean so much to me to gather up more friends. Thanks for making December so bright!


Poster number 6 which is.....Cameron of California!

Wonderful, wonderful posts from all. Beginning at this very moment is Calendar Giveaway #2 remember each post will give you an additional antry to the Grand Prize Giveaway of a piece of Woodwings jeselry on December 31st!



Give Away Freebie

Did you know that this is National Calendar Awareness Month? Yes I know, neither did I. 
It seems that I should be the perfect Calendar Advocate then and here we are. You say you need a giant calendar for the refrigerator to keep up with all your kids activities, you need a calendar for your desk to remind you of all or your meetings, you have one on your iPhone so you're always armed with your super social schedule. 

Perhaps....but do you have one on your dressing table to inspire your make-up and outfit?! Do you have one on the coffee table in your media room to remind you that there is more to life than watching how other people live their lives. Do you have one on your bedside table to make you smile about tomorrow's possibilities. Then, the Woodwings Calendar is just what you need!

For the Month of December I will be offering a free calendar each week to a randomly selected dear one that leaves a comment here on the Woodwings Blog.

The theme of this weeks comment is,
 "If you could inspire your family to do one out of character thing 
this holiday season what would it be?"

I wanted to mention that I am welcoming "Where Women Create" who has inspired the giving spirit among all the artisans out there via the Where Women Create Website.

So... see the cute little button to the right of this post that links to 2012 Calendar. This 12 card item will be shipped each week until the end of the month to one lucky person. Please leave a comment here and become a friend and follower or if you prefer you can like me on Facebook. You know that you can never have too many friends and I am so behind in the social media circle I could use all the support that you are willing to give.

Each week I'll start a new search for the comments winner, BUT at the end of the year I will combine all of the comments posted from December 2 until December 31 and select a winner of a one of a kind Jewelry item! So keep coming back for updates and write each week. I know you have wonderful stories to tell! xoxo Elizabeth