Freebie Give away

What a party!
                                 Leeroy Out Loud! by Rae Huestits

I've never really been a part of something like this virtual party hosted by Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist. I'm still pretty green behind the ears when it comes to posting and engaging audiences, linking, loading and chatting up. But I have to say I love it! What an experience this weekend was. I still find myself going back to some of the tea parties I may have missed. Fun Fun Fun!!!

I wanted to remind any new visitors that all of the items listed in the post below are up for grabs.
I will give away
2   that's right , 2 prints
1 each to 2 lucky winners in honor of Vanessa's Mad Wonderful Tea Party and Baby.

Leave a comment here or below, AND add your name to the followers list  to be included in the give-away which will be anounced on Saturday.


  1. I had SO much fun visiting the Tea Parties as well! Thank you again for coming to mine - I'm a happy new follower here. I really enjoy blog parties because you get to meet fabulous new people. Hope you enjoy the holiday weekend! Theresa

  2. j'admire vos créations si belles ; les fillettes me font penser aux miennes et elles sont si délicates ! Merci de votre visite dans mes pages ...I hope you can understand what I mean ...my english is so poor !