Frida Kahlo

Discoveries: Frida Kahlo: Painting Her Own Reality (Discoveries (Abrams))

A friend of mine mentioned that it is Frida Kahlo's birthday. I would like to post a quick homage in her honor. So much that Frida brought to the art world inspires so many of us. Her elaborate costumes and pride of heritage. Her wicked realism/surrealism (depending who you talked to. Some say she painted the most honest and basic form of realism), non-egotistical portayal of herself. I understand she had a dark sense of humor and this I like most, she treated children as her equals. What a cool woman. 


  1. Happy birthday to Frida! Your California Poppy Girl is a perfect tribute to her - love the adornment in her hair. :) Theresa

  2. I'm glad to hear you like visiting me! ^-^
    I'm also glad that some many people have mentioned something about Frida Kahlo today... Usually I just get blank stares & the inevitable, "Who?" when I mention her. ^-^

    Hope your pup is feeling better. ^-^

  3. I am also delighted to join in a celebration of Frida Kahlo..the difficulties in her life served to make her art dynamic and personal..one felt her heart in every piece.

    'Califronia Poppy' is a lovely tribute piece! You paint with the same forthright approach and lovely use of colour. I am looking forward to seeing the new art you're working on now..


  4. Good evening dear one! Thank you for coming and leaving such a wonderful comment; you mentioned something actually, that really made me think and was a well-received and timely word. Keeping a good attitude especially during the challenging time of the building process (YEAH!) is something that I will have to be very keen to; I am noticing some conflicts in relationships at the moment, as though I cannot control others' reactions and words, I can control mine....thank you ever so much. I don't think you will ever know how much your comment has been such a good word for me today!


  5. I have been fascinated by Frida, especially her personal style, for years! I've even visited her home in Mexico City. I recently saw a book dedicated exclusively to her clothing and jewelry collection--amazing! And I am delighted to say that I just purchased "California Poppy" from your etsy shop. I can't wait to give it a place of honor in my living room!

  6. Very pretty. I really like your art - happy to find you through my blog :]