Holiday Workshop Giveaway

The time in the studio is a bit rushed this time of year. Yet, I like the excitement of a little bit of pressure. Although I can't say that I thrive on it. I feel a bit disorganized when there is a number of things on my plate. And of course there is the real job that keeps me away from the studio 11 hours a day.

Last night Nina and I were searching for the nostalgic Christmas music that helps sooth the spirit while working. With a mug of hot tea by my side I managed to frame a few items and am just waiting for a bright clear day (not happening today) to take photos that I can add to the Etsy shop.

I ordered a few cute little hand mirrors to add to the shop for some inexpensive stocking stuffers. So in the spirit of the season I'd love to offer a giveaway!

Leave a comment about love. A quote, an unbearable experience, your heart pounding expression of joy ;) or some simple little ditty.

I will pick a random guest to win one of the new little hand mirrors for yourself and another for someone you adore.

Starting Now!

I will announce a winner Saturday afternoon.


Etsy Promotion

I don't know about you, but I prefer to do my hunting online for that
perfect little something for family and friends this season.
If you find yourself relaxing with your laptop this weekend I am having a promotion on etsy.

For a 25% discount add this coupon code at the checkout

Happy Thanksgiving my buddies!

Above all else, I am so grateful to have met you all and I want you to know how much your posts and comments amuse me and keep me happy and motivated!!! Happy thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. Keep safe and warm and share the love!


Marly Got a Girlfriend

My friend Hagen wanted to surprise 

his friends with a little house warming 
present. Yes, he is, très agréable.

Hagen, I hope it's what you wanted. 

If you have suggestions or changes 
shoot me an email!


A Dream in the Woods II

This child makes dreams come true. She has the ability to make spring appear in the forest after a December snow shower. Now this child has skills!


Gabriella's Magic Ride

This curious, enthusiastic child, filled with mirth and joy. The world holds it's magic out for her to discover. Oh, she takes her play time very seriously. Who would lead the winged horse out of the woods to her sheltered meadow. Gabriella, of course!


We Have a Winner

All the names were printed from the give away post, cut from paper, carefully folded and placed into a shoe box.

Shakey, shakey

One winner, plucked from a box of carefully folded pieces of paper on which were typed the inspiration and dreams of 50 individuals.

And that winner is faerwillow.
I'm so happy to be sending these gifts to you! 

I wish that I had 50 books to give away. The dreams everyone shared are so excellent and inspired! So, what are you waiting for, it's time to fly!


Front Page News!

Etsy Treasuries are cool - really cool. Being selected by a seller to be grouped with talented craftsman and artisans is a distinction and it feels great. I've been in a number of treasuries, (some of which can be seen on my Flicker.)

Today was a huge deal for me. 
I was featured on this treasury that made it to Etsy's front page. Yay!


Give Away Palooza

She's gorgeous, kind, talented, a star. She's family, she sings like a tender cello and writes music prolifically. And today is her birthday!

In honor of Mary Beth's Birthday I'm giving away an autographed copy of her book, "Kick-Ass Creativity"

For the bit of sparkle that may be missing from your usual magic touch, MB's book has the enthusiasm, motivation and spirit that you are looking for.

As a super bonus you will receive a copy of "DIY, Design It Yourself" by Ellen Lupton.
D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself (Design Handbooks)

So leave a comment, and share what you would like to be if there was nothing standing in your way. On Saturday the 13th, I will choose one entry at random to receive these 2 inspiring books AND a Woodwings bookmark. Good Luck! Oh, and send out a beautiful magical birthday wish for Mary Beth!

A Dream in the Woods

A little girl shares her gift of joy and love with the family who adores her beyond words. This painting is for her from her mother. Who dreamed of a star, a twinkle in her eye, and now a jewel for all who know her.



I'm posting today to share the links to few lovely ladies that featured Woodwings on their blogs. It's an honor to the max to be pictured in these blogs. I wanted very much to give them  your attention too. For example, at Au pays de Marvielles... you will see the painting of "Your Heart".

This blog is in French, and worth studying the lovely language for. Yet, if you go to look at the pretty pictures alone you will be satisfied again and again by the dreamy photography, the beautiful vignettes and the well planned themes.

Here at The House in the Roses, a beautiful woman shares her beautiful surroundings. On this day she tempts us to enjoy a cup of tea from a true china cup (forget the disposable paper) and the print of "Flower Girls" is elegantly displayed in her photos.

Lifeologia has become one of my stomping grounds. I love her style. Her blog is full of fresh decorating ideas, a loving family life and scrumptious healthy lifestyle recipes. Thank you Ella, for including me in your Halloween feature!

And finally, darling Mirlette at Mexican Colors interviews bloggers every Friday on her kaleidoscopic blog and on this day there are a few words about Woodwings. She is so charming. Her stories about Mexico inspire me to paint vibrantly!