Marly Got a Girlfriend

My friend Hagen wanted to surprise 

his friends with a little house warming 
present. Yes, he is, très agréable.

Hagen, I hope it's what you wanted. 

If you have suggestions or changes 
shoot me an email!


  1. Awww, this is a wonderful housewarming gift!!! I love this one! :)

  2. HOLY COW E.B.! This is INCREDIBLE!!! I love it and Carys is going to feel so special when we give this to her!

    I am absolutely...positively...BLOWN AWAY by this!

    It's just friggin' AMAZING!!!

    Thank you for being so incredibly talented and for having such a big heart to do this! You've made my day, and more importantly, have made something that little Carys will cherish for years.

    With the utmost gratitude,
    Your friend,

  3. Beautiful!!! So fine... and cute, too!

  4. She is so adorable! I love that sweet little pup and the girl's pink dress and crown. By the way, I like how you've redone your blog. Theresa