Give Away Palooza

She's gorgeous, kind, talented, a star. She's family, she sings like a tender cello and writes music prolifically. And today is her birthday!

In honor of Mary Beth's Birthday I'm giving away an autographed copy of her book, "Kick-Ass Creativity"

For the bit of sparkle that may be missing from your usual magic touch, MB's book has the enthusiasm, motivation and spirit that you are looking for.

As a super bonus you will receive a copy of "DIY, Design It Yourself" by Ellen Lupton.
D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself (Design Handbooks)

So leave a comment, and share what you would like to be if there was nothing standing in your way. On Saturday the 13th, I will choose one entry at random to receive these 2 inspiring books AND a Woodwings bookmark. Good Luck! Oh, and send out a beautiful magical birthday wish for Mary Beth!


  1. Happy Birthday Mary Beth! If I could do anything I would be a famous painter who created paintings of the archaeology adventures I went on.

  2. Happy Birthday, Mary Beth! Let's see, If I could do anything, I would be a baker that would use herbs, fruits and veggies from my own lovely gardens and then enjoy them while writing magical novels about them that sold millions of copies around the world! :)

  3. ~good morning my friend...what a sweet way to honor your friend!! bright birthday wishes for you mary beth...if nothing stood in my way {or my husbands} i {we} would be off in the mountains owning and running our own bed and breakfast...land for miles...animals freely roaming about...our children growing up in the most natural way...serving organic foods to be baked by me...taking our guest on river adventures...oh i could go on and on...to dream...one day...one day! much l♥ve and light upon you always~

  4. Happy birthday to your dear friend! This book is actually on my wish list. How awesome that you are giving a copy away! If nothing stood in my way, we'd be living in Maine or Vermont and I would be doing my art full-time, playing with my furry babies, and living a quiet domestic life. Ahhhh...to dream. Thanks so very much for offering such a wonderful giveaway. Theresa

  5. what an exciting giveaway, the books sound great. Let me see what would I be, well I would be a well recognised artist and reiki master. Happy birthday to Mary Beth, hugs Sara

  6. Birthday greetings to Mary Beth. If there were no limitations I would be a singer, and possibly a Broadway actress. :)And on the side an artist.

  7. If NOTHING were in my way, I'd have my current life, but with my choice (daily) of climate. Imagine--sledding if that sounds like fun, but never those grey winter days and sunny 70s the next day if you want.

    Happy birthday, Mary Beth!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. If there were nothing standing in my way, I would be an event coordinator :)

    What a wonderful giveaway, much appreciated!


  9. Happy Happy Birthday, Mary Beth!!!
    If I could be/do anything, I'd be a master kyaraben maker (character bentos!!).


  10. In a perfect world, I would be a professional tennis player and novelist (yes, both, because I would be writing while I waited for airplanes and for my matches to start.)
    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  11. If there were nothing standing in my way, I would open a no-kill animal shelter.

  12. If I could do anything...would be an archiologist, a famous cake decorator, or a broadway musical star!!

  13. i would either be a urban explorer or a record store owner.

  14. Happy Birthday, Mary Beth! I'd love to open my own cookie shop or cafe if I could


  15. Happy Birthday!!! ^_^
    If I could be anything, I would want to be a fashion designer!


  16. If money was no object, I would pack my bag full of cameras and travel anywhere and everywhere, documenting my journeys.

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  17. i would be a professional traveler. i'd see the WORLD.


  18. Happy birthday, Mary Beth!

    i'd totally be a jewelry/accessory designer. :)


  19. I would be a thriving full time music teacher (as opposed to a small potatoes part time one which I currently am at the moment...)

    monaodegard at hotmail dot com

  20. If I could do anything I'd own my own clothing boutique :)


  21. I would be a children's librarian, it's not to late to go back for my master's....Some day!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  22. happy birthday!!
    i would be...a free lance artist doing tons of diciplines and making weird new objects!
    PS I've read DIY before, I LOVE IT!!! I practically own it when i take it out from the library haha :)

  23. Happy Birthday Mary Beth :) I would really like to be a doctor / dentist and having my own shop+cafe ! It would be really nice if it could be happened.
    Thanks for the giveaway, I'm very eager to have the DIY book :D


  24. Happy birthday Mary beth!!! If I could do anything, I would live in Paris, the city that I like the most!
    mail: dolcemiele_fb@libero.it

  25. Happy birthday to Mary Beth :)

    I would love to be a freelance journalist/writer and travel the world along with my notebooks and cameras :)

  26. If there were nothing standing in my way, I would be the best lawyer in the world :)
    mail: laurachierico(AT)libero(DOT)it

    Happy birthdy Mary Beth!

  27. If there were nothing standing in my way, I would travelling all around the world...


  28. If I could be anything, I would want to be a singer!


  29. If nothing stood in my (including myself) I would own a shop. A special shop filled with treasures of other artists and my own creations. Paintings, painted furniture, sewn treasures, trinkets, baubles. It would be an imaginarium. There would be classes held for people to come and create something they could take home with them to remind them that anyone can explore their inner artist and have fun in the process...

    Thanks EB for the chance to get out of my own way. Jessica G.

  30. I would take classes, watch tv, and volunteer at a zoo.

  31. Also, I would go to Chile.

  32. I would be an Interior Designer. With my days filled with creative projects.

    Rachel D.

  33. I would love to own a farm and grow my own food, have an organic restaurant, or have my own store selling things me and my carpenter man made together. so many ambitions, lol.

  34. Hi EB! My whims change regularly, but if I could do anything, I'd set up shop as an organic baby-food chef for local moms.

  35. Happy Birthday! If I could be anything...I would be someone who made a difference in this world through peoples lives...through art,craft and DIY. Id teach, and learn, and travel the world.

  36. Happy Birffffday!

    If I could be anything without anyone or thing in my way? I would have to be a really awesome interior decorator/super domestic goddess/eco green diva and best friend to everyone, ever. I think all of that with ease would be SO rewarding.


  37. Happy Birthday Mary Beth (you are so inspiring ;)

    First of all, I've had this window open for about 1/2 hour....

    What would I do if nothing stood in my way - - it seems like I'm living the life I've always wanted - self employed, operating my own graphic design/ photography business (with my husband), we still are able to raise our daughter with our flexible work schedules, my health finally improved after a 3 year battle with an autoimmune disease, and I have time to still work on my crafty, artistic & photography passions that come with a burst....

    now what is it that I really want?.... I think it's to do all the things I'm doing actually - just more of it, with more focus, passion and success!
    And have an internationally published book with my name on it one day ;) (wink wink)
    Thanks Elizabeth for hosting this giveaway ;)

  38. If there were NOTHING in my way- no ills, no bills, no paperwork- I'd run The Muse, a shop where I and others could lure the fickle creature out. The walls would be lined with books and art supplies, the floors would be covered with comfy chairs and cushions, and of course the center of the room would be an island for making any of dozens of kinds of tea and coffee, with a snack counter stocked with fruit and fancy cheese and ludicrously elaborate finger foods. And anyone could come and spend hours doodling or painting or reading or composing, as long as they let others do the same.

    Sadly, I suspect that would all be rather expensive. But you did say NOTHING holding you back! Now I'm inspired to get back to my more achievable goals...

    Thanks for hosting this! Those look like great books!


  39. Is it silly that I would want to just be a stay at home mom? I can't think of a more rewarding job.

    fa11enan9e1 at yahoo dot com

  40. If there was nothing in my way, I would really want to be a computer technician.

    cynthia @ hwanghon . net

  41. Happy Birthday, Mary Beth! I would like to be a photographer.


  42. I would like to be a nutritionist. If only there was more time!


  43. what a great giveaway! If I could be anything... I would be a famous harp player.

    virginia.wilfong at gmail.com

  44. Happy Birthday Mary Beth,
    I'd like to be helping all those around the world in the future, in inspiring and uplifting ways.
    Email is:

  45. Happy Birthday to Mary Beth! And if nothing was standing in my way I'd love to be like Samantha Brown and get paid to have a Travel show and get to see the world!

    unforgetable_dreamer_always(at) hotmail.com

  46. I would love this book. Thanks for this giveaway.


  47. If nothing stood in my way, I would audit a lot of classes at Universities and not have to take the exams or write the papers.

    Happy Birthday, Mary Beth!

    Also, I'd like to visit Italy.

    John M.

  48. I would study to be an RN and start a clinic in Uganda....soli deo gloria

  49. Hi Everybody!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderfu bithday wishes! And for the theme of thread...I can't tell you how fun and inspiring it's been to read your entries! Please continue to dream big, dream easy, dream up little non-freaky steps to take you to where you want to be. I think we're drawn to the things we are because they hold something important for us...and for the journeys of those in our lives.
    So many of these ideas sound so possible and wonderful --- please please give yourself the gift of even a few minutes a day in the direction of your dreams!
    I'm dying to go to "Muse," to watch you jamming on then tennis court, in concert, and in your arts and businesses. I'd be so excited to hear about your progress. Big creative mojo to you all! xo mb

  50. I would travel the world making enough money from my quilts to keep going round and round with my kids for the next five years.

  51. Happy Birthday, Marybeth! I have a terrible, screechy, off-key voice, but if god had bothered to bless me with even a hint of a nice voice, I would be a professional singer. How much fun to be able to express yourself and entertain people with words, music, and emotion all tangled into one... Or I'd be a comedian or a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Those people seem like they have a damn good time all the time... Or I would be a writer of best selling novels or short story collections that made people pee their pants laughing and shake their head as if to say, "so true! so true!" That's what I would do.