We Have a Winner

All the names were printed from the give away post, cut from paper, carefully folded and placed into a shoe box.

Shakey, shakey

One winner, plucked from a box of carefully folded pieces of paper on which were typed the inspiration and dreams of 50 individuals.

And that winner is faerwillow.
I'm so happy to be sending these gifts to you! 

I wish that I had 50 books to give away. The dreams everyone shared are so excellent and inspired! So, what are you waiting for, it's time to fly!


  1. ~good morning my friend...so excited by the luck of your hand to draw out my name!! thank you so for offering this opportunity and for allowing us to voice our dreams without limits!! wishing you a wonderful day ahead...much l♥ve and light upon you always~

  2. Congratulations to dear FaerWillow! I hope she enjoys this book. :) Theresa