On The Dark Path to Halloween

                                                     Tim Burton on Christopher Walken

"You look at him and you know there's a lot going on-- yet you have no idea what."

The unknown. It's what scares us most right? The dark basement past the creaky stairs. The sound behind the closet door when you are trying to get to sleep in a strange bed. The vacant look in your boyfriend's eyes after you told him you love him. 
You answer the phone and hear only breathing at the other end. You come home after dark and the light won't turn on. The doorbell rings, it's late and when you ask who is there you get no response. I'm creeping myself out and will not get much sleep this month because I love the chill, the thrill of the unknown. And I love the look on that face pictured above. I love the villain and the actor having a great time playing the villain.

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