The Beach Rocks

Well I'm cruising low and I'm cruising mean,
Well I'm cruising slow in my dream machine
-Stray Cats

But the winds could not erase
the memory of your face
     Beauty Queen, Roxy Music

Launch yourself on every wave

Reverie - the gift of an hour

 je ne sais quoi   - an indescribable or indefinable 'something' that distinguishes the object in question from others that are superficially similar.

She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky 
Sweet child o' mine

"Their whole life was the sea, the sea, and their boats. So in celebrating their deaths- yes, you can say celebrating, they used both. The family's of the great Viking would put the body of their loved one on a ship cover it with straw and then as the sun was setting cast it away into the water. They would light huge bonfires on the beach, and then the Vikings would light the tips of their arrows in the bonfire and shoot them at the ship. Ah it must have been so beautiful, fire on the water. Legend has it that if the color of the setting sun, and the color of the burning ship were the same then that Viking had lead a good life, and in the afterlife he would go to Viking heaven. All night long the Viking men, women, and children watched the ship with the body burned in the water. By dawn all that was left was ashes, complete obliteration, carried by the currents to the four corners of the earth, fresh, and beautiful, and vanished completely, like a dream."                                                                                        -Rocket Gibralter


  1. Awesome picture story, especially #6: rockin' little princesses. You've added a smile to my day, thanks!

  2. The sensitivity is distinctively yours, Liz