New Squareheads

I have three new additions which are not yet ready to be added to Etsy. This is the first. I am pretty comfortable naming her Esther, but her story hasn't come to me yet. I've sent out some feelers to Jess, who is my story muse. Her sense of humor sometimes brings tears to my eyes. I'll wait patiently and see what comes forth. I'm thinking that Esther's outline needs to be bolder as thick as the line around her skirt. A few more days just looking at her before I call her finished.

This one is pretty much finished, except for the locket swinging from her elegant neck. A title and a story, a frame and some jewels and she is ready for Etsy.

Love Is A Myth
The story for her was easy. Although I like this very raw look of the wood peaking through I can't quite call her finished yet. She needs a tattoo like a brand to bring her ancient aesthetic to the 21st century and a few highlights on her Andalusian tail. Soon, very soon.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth!

    Your new paintings are wonderful! I love the movement of the locket in the second picture. I'm sorry to say I haven't worked on the book since I wrote to you. My boys have been off a lot this past week. MLK and then yesterday and today are "ice" days. I'll be getting back to it when I can get them back in school. :) Thanks for checking back in with me!