When you want to express your love for someone as an artist every detail of the item or event you're planning has to involve your entire self. The baby shower we planned for Katie and Jason is finally past us. But what a tiring and fulfilling month it's been.

I wanted to share some of the pictures for anyone running low on ideas for their next baby shower. Katie and Jason already know they're having a boy, so the theme was simple. Several weeks ahead of time I found a freebie template online through this link http://hemidemisemiquaver.wordpress.com/2008/04/30/flowers-in-a-popcorn-box/ It's simple and looks so polished and pro. See my version below.

Instead of adding flowers to the inside as Becky did we placed a demitasse with coffee, tea, honey sticks and scrumptious chocolates. Topping it off with perfect paper flowers that my Nina made for me. The guest were so happy and appreciative when presented with these as take-home gifts.

I even found delicious wine, by Barefoot Cellars, that seems as though it was made for baby
showers. Check out the adorable blue foot print on the label.
I really want to share a photo of the pastry table thanks to the genius bakers in our family. My mother's Polish kolaczki have a French twist that friends from PA said were worth traveling 600 miles for. Bo's melt in your mouth carrot cake wishing the mommy a "speedy delivery". Aunt Krystyna's Chocolate Raspberry Tart with blackberries...where did she find blackberries?! My Aunt Danuta's marzipan bars with Lilliputian baby booties and my daughter's favorite chocolate dipped strawberries. Finally, Susan's picture perfect cupcakes with strawberry puree frosting, oh yes!

And the grandmother-to-be, Bo, provided spectacular fresh flower bouquets (she has the best taste).

I hope these few ideas inspire you! Use them and have a wonderful party!

My goal is to have a few ideas of the next paintings that I'll be adding to esty added to the post very soon. In the meantime visit me at www.woodwings.etsy.com

Now that the shower is over I have no excuses to get back to work!

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  1. Awesome pics and I want one of each thing on the dessert table! - Susan