I Wish

I wish that you could pick the day, 
the best moment that would remain forever 
and never change

When she was young, each year she would make her wish out loud as she blew out her candles,
"I wish that my mommy will live forever." And today she is home from college for four short days and I can't find a stinking candle in my junk drawer so that I can make a wish, "never leave, never grow old..."


Variations on A Theme

 Baubles and beads and crystals that sparkle. 
Colors poured from the sun and whimsy to spark your joy and imagination. 
Woodland Deer as a joyful earthy necklace:                  

 A romantic necklace

 A print of the original painting mounted on wood

As a mirror to take anywhere

It just might make the perfect gift


Prepare Yourself For A Creative Year!

I just hope that this little work of heart charms and delights you. Each month is on a separate glossy postcard. A little work of art to color your world. Inspire you. Imagine how happy you can make your friends with this little gift.

You know what, because you've stuck with me through thick and thin. Through all those blogging dry spells. I wanted to entice you with a little gift. If you wish to purchase the calendar below just type in the code FLYFREE and no matter how many calendars you purchase the shipping is free. From today to the end of December.


Woodwings Calendar

Coming soon on Etsy. A 12 month calendar for 2012. 12 months of lovelies, 12 months of art.