I Wish

I wish that you could pick the day, 
the best moment that would remain forever 
and never change

When she was young, each year she would make her wish out loud as she blew out her candles,
"I wish that my mommy will live forever." And today she is home from college for four short days and I can't find a stinking candle in my junk drawer so that I can make a wish, "never leave, never grow old..."


  1. ~oh my goodness...you just made me start to cry...this is the biter sweetest post i think i haev read in a very long time...my heart breaks at just those thoughts...one day they are the ones wishing and before we know it we are the ones wishing...sigh...how time goes by so quickly and life changes beneath our eyes...i hope this finds you well and in good spirits...all my best to you in 2012 and much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

  2. ~ok...sorry for ALL the typos...i really can spell!?!?~