Midnight Ride

She was shy, gentile, almost dove-like. She favored four-legged creatures to the garrulous and judgmental kind beyond the wood. You could say that she hid behind the green curtain.

Day after day she roamed the forest not intimidated by it’s silence or darkness. This place was a comfort to her, like a home. 

One day as she walked with Deery, the air became stifling and motionless. She smelled something burning but couldn’t recognize the smell. Her friend was frightened, looked  at the girl meekly and ambled off in the opposite direction. 

Snowy joined her for a portion of the way to bring her strength. The girl carried Snowy over fallen moss covered trees and they travelled in supportive silence toward the fire but as the air grew more chill Snowy barnstormed over the treetops toward the full moon...in fear.

The dampness chills the girl from her shoulders to her toes. She just knew the mystery in the wood was uninvited, it was dangerous  but it drew her to it. It bewitched the girl.

The distant chanting pounded inside her as if it were her heart and although her face burned from a heat she couldn’t explain her body shook from a chill that gripped her bones.
She came to a clearing lit by the feverish moon but foggy from the damp ground. The chanting  echoed in her head, but there was no sign of where the sound came from.

All of a sudden she felt a swift breeze and the ground tremble as she saw a girl coifed in tangled ropes of black hair shoot towards the moon on a switch stick broom. Yet she  wasn’t afraid. The sight was familiar. She knew the girl.

At the moment of her realization the heat that burned her cheeks rose to her head and her hair transformed to a mass of silky crimson waves. She felt a part of something. She is a witch. I am witch. There is a little bit of witch in every woman.....wink.

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Halloween Special

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