I'm Not Ready To Say Goodbye

The crickets, cicadas, frogs that sing me to sleep at night. I'm going to miss you. Stay for as long as you can okay....I'll keep the window open at night.


Finding a field of fireflies that balanced on the tips of grass blades and hovered there like magic, I won't forget that moment.


Peace, quiet, and the gentle air that teases the candles flame. Dang, I'm not ready to say goodbye.

                                        garden magic


  1. Neither am I! No, no way, absolutely not.
    Last night I woke up because I was cold.
    Yesterday I stepped on a horribly orange leaf.

  2. My favorite thing about Summer.....I love having my family home with me...it takes some adjusting having the 2 of them interrupting "my" routine...then we work it all out and go on adventures and picnic and go camping...then *poof* school starts....

    ...and I miss them so!

  3. Lovely images... I will miss the summer too :O)

  4. Bonjour Elizabeth!!! It is so nice to see you! THank you for your lovely comments and yes, the magazine should be a lovely read and eye candy! Thanks for you visit....enjoy the weekend, and I am with you..I am not ready to pack up the camping gear....I actually go in today to prepare my classroom for Sept.7!!!! Anita

  5. Beautiful images! There is much beauty to be found in the summer - but I am really excited for fall as well. It makes me feel so alive. But I will GREATLY miss the dragonflies, butterflies and especially fireflies! :) Theresa

  6. Found you over at Castle Crowns and Cottages. What a lovely post this is...I too am not ready for Summer to end but I do so love Autumn.


  7. such a cute post. summer will be missed indeed. im new to your blog, but i think it is so adorable.

    modern viking vixen


  8. so so so so sad! i'm going to miss the summer just as much! i love the long nights and the summer breeze. but here comes fall, which is gorgeous!


  9. Such a sweet post, Elizabeth..lovely photos! I am one of those odd people who do not care for the heat of summer, and become reenergized by the cool Fall weather. I'm already out there with my camera catching autumn colurs..the leaves are changing early this year after such a hot dry spell. Still, we'll hope for a long Indian Summer with sunny skies and warm breezes for a while yet.

    I love your magical lanterns...:)


  10. I have to agree~~I am hoping for some more sunshiny days at the lake and the beach :))

    Hope you had a fab weekend!

    Kay Ellen